Please Don’t Hurt me- Winter 2009 Newsletter on Bullying & Harassment and people with Disabilities

Psycho-social aspects

Various, Institute on Disability/UCED, University of New Hampshire.

People with disabilities are at significantly greater risk for abuse, neglect, and exploitation than people without disabilities. Abuse and bullying of people with disabilities can occur anywhere, at home, in the school, in the community. The reasons behind this alarming data vary and it is an issue that is taking great proportions as several victimization cases remain unreported and research is still evolving. In this Winter 2009 issue of the Rap Sheet of the Institute on Disability/UCED at the University of New Hampshire, you can find a simple, yet informing report on the multiple aspects of abuse and bullying of people with disabilities as they are documented and reported by people with disabilities who have been victims themselves, educators and academics who are involved in better understanding the nature of this topic (through implementation models around school discipline and students empowerment), and constituents from NGO’s that deal with the legal advocacy to prevent abuse and neglect.

The full text can be found here.