Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals and Education: Greece- A Special Case of Social Exclusion

Hearing Impairments

Author(s): Skordas, A., Giavrimis, P., Valkanos, E., & Nikolarea, K. (2012)

Journal: Journal of Educational and Social Research Vol 2(1)

Summary: This paper presents an analysis of the current situation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Community in Greece with a special emphasis on knowledge of the Greek Sign Language (GSL) and using new technologies. The study assesses the educational level of the participants and explores their educational needs and whether those needs are being met or not. In addition the authors study the degree to which DHH individuals have acquired the necessary knowledge to communicate effectively using the GSL and new technologies. The study outcomes suggest that the majority of the DHH individuals have low or sufficient knowledge of all aspects of the GSL (vocabulary, grammar etc) as well as “little” to “not at all” skills in utilizing new technologies to communicate. The relationship of limited access to education, lack of teacher preparation in GSL and social exclusion are also discussed.

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