An inquiry based instructional planning model that accommodates student diversity

Pedagogical approaches

Author: Cheryl M. Jorgensen, Inclusive Education consultant & Affiliate Professor, Department of Education, University of New Hampshire

Educators need to deal with a rapidly changing world as it is reflected in their classrooms where they have to teach students from diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic and achievement backgrounds. In such an environment it is essential for educators to organize their lessons in a way that has a meaning for all students and at the same time offer learning opportunities for all children regardless of their background. The article elaborates on the implementation of the author’s three-part model of organizing an inquiry based model that accommodates student diversity. The model consists of three parts: a) guiding principles, b) instructional planning steps, and c) a framework for providing individualized supports for students with extraordinary learning challenges. The article first describes a lesson that is taught by a teacher who is successful in creating an inclusive community of learners. A model of instructional planning is then described, using the sample lesson as a case study in the model’s implementation.

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